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Plus Size Rhinestone Fishnet Stockings for Women-Black

Nice material! Longer than expected

'm not sure if these pictures are acceptable or not but I'm wearing shorts so I figured they would be ok to show how they fit.I'm going to give full stats and measurements to help out anyone else looking at these.I'm 5'4" tall, 257 pounds. My thighs at the midpoint measure 25 inches, and are 33 inches long from mid-thigh to the tips of my toes.My thighs are at the very thinnest recommended size for these stockings, and they fit very nicely with no fear of them falling down. I liked that I could wear them without feeling like I was being squeezed by a boa constrictor around the middle of my thighs. However, they were at least 3-4 inches longer than I needed, unless I wanted them to go all the way up to my groin. Even though they say the stockings are 29.5 inches long, and my legs measured 33", I still had a lot of leftover material that I carefully folded over itself under the lace cuff because I didn't want to pull them all the was up to my panty line. This could be because they are quite stretchy and I pulled them too hard, next time I put them on, I'm going to try to keep them looser so that maybe they won't pull up as high.The lace band is wide, which I like a lot, very pretty. The sticky film on the backs are very thin, unobtrusive. I didn't have time to wear them for long, just an hour, and they stayed up during that time. I want to test them during an entire day and see how they wear to be sure they can be used for honest daily wear and not just fun activities :DI like the material that these are made of. They felt soft and very breathable. They weren't slick and shiny looking which I don't really care for because being oily looking in the legs just made them look like tight wrapped sausages in my opinion. I definitely felt they were durable and well reinforced in the foot. Oh but if you have pets, they are definitely a pet hair attractor lol.The stockings arrive in a nice reusable envelope that is also ventilated so that they won't get mildewy when packed away. I'm happy with these, and definitely looking into the company for more options toward a collection.

They stay up!

These thigh highs are pretty great. I have big thighs and rarely even try thigh highs on account of that, but these are great. They don’t roll down, they stay exactly where you place them. They are fairly opaque too which is another reason I like them, because I’m not going to wear colored stockings and then them stretched to the point where the color is off. The only thing is, I could’ve gotten a smaller size. I did order according to my thigh circumference, but manual measurements can differ and for me it did quite a bit. Not enough for the stocking to slide down, but enough that I could pull them all the way up to my butt and then some if I chose to lol.

So cute!

I am a size 14 in jeans. They’re big enough I don’t have to use the belts so I added them as an accessory. I’ve seen that on Pinterest and Tiktok a bit. They don’t fall down at all! I’m 5’0 and they can go all the way up to my hips. The belts are super simple to adjust. Cutest shade of pink ever. Can’t wait to dress them up with a cute fit, I’m currently lounging in them. They are hole-y from the knitting so maybe not super duper warm for winter but very soft!

They do not roll down!

Wore these with my Halloween costume in Vegas and they stayed on all night until I took them off! No rolling, sliding, or bunching. I will be purchasing the other styles.

Cute Cute

We had a 90's party at work and I wanted to go like the characters from Clueless. My outfit was PERFECT after adding these tights! I received several compliments. The fabric is pretty thick, good stretch, and durable (not made cheap). Great for the price.

Thigh-highs that are actually thigh high?

I got surgery a few weeks ago and still can't wear pants due to my incisions. With fall here, it's been getting pretty cold for me, especially since finding out I didn't have as many long socks as I thought I did. I'm 5'10" and most of that is legs, so I had no hope that these would actually go thigh high for me - but they do! They stay up great even when I sit or move around, which is also unusual given how skinny my legs are. Today is the first day in four weeks that I haven't had cold legs. I will be ordering more pairs in more colors.

4 stars for thicker thighs

I got these for a costume and saw all the reviews about them working for thick thighs. My thighs are about 25 inches around, so I went for it. I stretched them as much as they would go and honestly, they do what I need them to do. Could they have had slightly more stretch or be a little bigger for the sake of comfort and less thigh muffin top? Yes. But I’m satisfied with these because it is SO difficult to find products like this that work with my thighs at all.In my photo, I put tights on underneath the socks to try and eliminate the thigh muffin top. It worked well and the socks still seem to be staying up.

Soft and comfy

Love these socks. Super stretchy. I am 5’6 and these do stretch to the thigh

5 Stars Vine Customer Review of Free Product

For reference: 5’5-5’6; 210lb; 36” waist & 48” hips; have lipedema. This skirt is extremely comfortable and has an INCREDIBLY flattering cut. Being someone with bigger hips/butt I’m always worried skirts will be way too short on the back, but I was pleasantly surprised. For folks with lipedema (I’m stage 2-3; primarily type 2 in legs) it offers a nice amount of coverage that lets me feel like I’m not hiding my legs but that they aren’t the center of attention. Love it so much!(The fabric is not sweat friendly, so wear cotton underneath is my only recommendation!)


These stay up very well on thick thighs! They look amazing and are exactly as pictured. Look great under some shorts! Perfect for us plus size ladies! Love them.

This brand has a new fan!

I wore these to an outdoor cosplay event in nearly 80 degree weather. I have thicker thighs so I know what to expect with thigh high socks, stockings, etc and typically use sock glue (purchased from Sock Dreams, works like a charm, comes off with a wet rag). I didn't even have to use it! They stayed put all day and were very comfortable. Very pretty lace detail and very happy with my purchase. I went to buy more of their other styles and can't wait to wear them!

Stretchy and secure with no bulging!

I'm so glad I got these! The rubber on the inside keeps the tights in place and the elastic is tight enough to make it feel secure but it isn't digging into your skin to give you unnecessary rolls. Finally hit the sweet spot with these. I am 5'10 and 165 lbs

Cute comfy and great price

As described, cute style, softer material than expected, great price and works perfectly.... and correct sizing available also... not sure about long lasting or everyday usage...

Get them now!

Get them get them get them!!! They're SO SOFT and quite stretchy. I have 25" thighs and they work awesome so far, I even managed to squat and they weren't going no where! And that was BEFORE I put the garter belt on! I haven't worn these out yet so idk how they'll fair with long term use, but so far they're great! If you've got thic thighs, treat yourself, if you don't, these will still work great for you too! :)

Amazing, I love it

I absolutely love them. They're incredibly comfortable and soft. I will say that are a little rough terrain wise as it is rippled but overall I really like them. I've been wanting warmer socks for boots and dresses for winter and these are great. I bought the black ones as pictured above and initially bought garter belt and the sock holders separately but these came with it so I now have spares which for me is ALWAYS a bonus. Better to have and not need then to need and not have. Overall very comfortable, very stretchy, went on with no issues. So happy and will definitely be buying more.

Tall girl approved

I'm 5'11" 215lbs but my legs are on the thinner side but these are tall enough and still stay up. There's definitely plenty of stretch for thicker thighs tho! I'll be purchasing these in many colors!

Cute and comfy

5'2 135 lbs these are made of great material, fit well and are so comfortable. Unfolded, they reach the top of my legs.

SUUUUUPER LONG. (Kinda itchy)

Okay so: they fit! They fit and they stay up (for the most part) but, they’re itchy. And they’re waaaaaaaaay too long on me (I’m 5’1). Which like the length is def a me thing. I love them though, they’re good at keeping me warm. Recommended to my friend and she loves hers too. Just they’re itchy. Not horribly but like noticeable.


I'm in love! The material is soft, it stretches & has molded to fit my thick thighs. The socks actually cover my thighs & I'm so happy! The colors are great, the socks are comfortable, they keep me warm & they are soooooo cute! Very happy I tried them out. I'll be ordering more colors soon. 😍


I bought two pairs. I have to use the belt because I'm not too big but I like how it doesn't cut into my thighs like regular sizes. 10 out of 10

First thigh highs I’ve bought that actually go to my thighs

So the pictures are misleading, I consider myself closer to midsize but I am 5’9 and thick so finding thigh highs has been almost impossible they usually only go to right above my knee. These are super comfortable I’m going to buy multiple pairs I don’t want to take them off my only issue is when you take a picture with flash it will show your skin through the threading, you get what you pay for. They’re so warm and comfy, I’ve always wanted to be a thigh high girl and now I finally can, buy these if you’re tall! If you are plus sized I’m not sure how high these will actually go on you, for reference I’m a size 11/12 but I also have super long legs and these actually go high enough to be like 2 inches under my butt.

Love them!

These are exactly what I wanted! For reference i am 5'4" and 230lbs and my thigh circumference is 31.5 inches. Most other thigh highs Ive tried have only gone about 2in past my knees, these are super long and sit exactly where i wanted them too. These are thick and warm so you can wear them in the colder months and they come with a strap that you can use to hold them up. However I did have to fully extend it in order for it to fit my thigh comfortably so if yours are bigger than mine they might be a tight fit.

High Quality

The material is high quality and they stay up well.

Very Comfortable

These socks are very comfortable and warm. Great for winter.