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Once upon a time, there was a woman named Sarah who struggled to find stylish and comfortable socks in her size. She often had to settle for plain, boring options that didn't reflect her vibrant personality. Frustrated by the limited options available. Finally, Sarah found us: Moon Wood- an online store that offered a wide range of plus size socks. Quickly became a hit with women who shared her frustration. Our store offered a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, making it easy for customers to find the perfect pair of socks for any occasion.

Thanks to Sarah's passion and dedication, Moon Wood became a go-to destination for women who wanted to express themselves through their socks and feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. And Sarah, who had once struggled to find socks that fit her own style, was now helping others do the same.

We are proudly

  • Breathable High Elastic Fabric

    Our thigh highs socks are enlarged and widened, which is completely suitable for big girls.

  • Coming with Extra Long Thigh Garter

    Say goodbye to annoying body adhesives and the embarrassment of sagging or rolling off.

  • All Day Comfort

    The plus size thigh highs are made of soft acrylic yarn fabric to keep you and your legs warm and comfortable!

How we got our start?

Normal thigh high socks are always too tight for US curvy girls, so we tried designed our plus size thigh highs for big girls to make them beautiful, sexy and confident!

What makes our product unique?

Every curvy girl knows, trying to wear "universal" thigh socks is impossible! It always slides down, so we made a bold change, making our socks a perfect fit with adjustable thigh belts.

Why we love what we do?

The original intention of our oversized thigh socks is to help big girls drive out the bad guys in their hearts, so that they can regain their confidence and happiness.

Indispensable item in autumn and winters

We carry a variety of plus-size socks colors and styles to perfectly match your outfit. Making them the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

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